Research Projects

Over the years I have worked in several research projects. Here’s an overview.

Gamification and Peer-Feedback In University Blended Learning

In 2011 I wrote a project proposal about how Gamification and peer-feedback might improve blended learning in universities. I received funding for my project (30.000 EUR) by the university. My main task was to develop the conceptual framework and do the research (and, in the beginning, do some web development with WordPress as our learning platform). Long story short: Statistically, peer feedback does not per se lead to valid results. And there seems to be a relation of the learner’s achievement avoidance goal orientation and how much Gamification is appreciated.

Structural equation model of the test subjects' motivational disposition and their appreciation of a leaderboard in the learning platform
Structural equation model of the test subjects’ motivational disposition and their appreciation of a leaderboard in the learning platform. This work is licensed under CC BY 4.0.



From 2008 to 2011 I worked in a federal research project about virtual technologies in industry. There’s a book about the project, published by Springer. My job was to develop a game-based training concept for SIEMENS Automation and examine its potential. I did some empirical research on the motivational and didactical effects of the game-based training in relation to a regular training about the same topic. With the theoretical framework I developed I also did my dissertation, but the empirical part of my dissertation was about learning games in school education. You’ll find some texts about my research in the publication section of my website.


In 2007 and 2008 I assisted a colleague in evaluating her blended learning concept for the school for fire service and civil protection. Her concept was quite a success, the course ss still being offered by the school. Details can be found at the project website.

E-Portfolios In University Education

My second project as a researcher was in 2007. One goal of the Bologna reform is to make University education more competence-oriented. A way to document and develop such competence could be to let students create electronic portfolios about certain subjects across several courses. These portfolios could also be used as a form of exam. In this pilot project I supported lecturers both conceptionally and technically in working whith these e-portfolios. Here’s a website about the project.

Eduventure 2

Screenshot of the adventure game prototype
Screenshot of the adventure game prototype. Image licensed under CC BY 4.0.

In my first job as a researcher from 2007–2007 I investigated how educational content and game structure can be harmonically combined. It was mainly theoretical work, but there was also an adventure game prototype that put the player after World War 1 into a Prussian Castle. The project website is still online. Furthermore, the publication section of my website lists some articles about this topic.

Eduventure 1

As a student assistant I worked on the didactical concept and narrative of an Augmented Reality Game situated at the German Marksburg Castle. This was in 2004. There is still a project website.